Why use a property search service?

The Property Search concept is not new, but Leopard Residential is the first of its kind to be introduced into the multicultural community of the Pays de Gex.

Relocation companies and human resource departments are assigned to provide executives or new corporate recruits with the necessary services to acquire a home. These services are fundamental and need to be executed with precision and efficiency to get comfortably placed in the right home. It is the essence and company philosophy to cater to their candidates’ every need, so that maximum productivity is maintained throughout their move.

Without the help of in-house corporate services, finding a property can prove extremely tiresome and frustrating when there are limited properties on the market and dozens of competitive ‘high-street agencies’ selling the same homes. This can lead to confusion as to what is available for sale on the market and what is represented for fair value.

These high-street agencies are working solely for the vendor, resulting in a lack of quality attention to the buyer. Buyers are often shown a mass of properties that do not always meet their brief, and generally do not receive specific all-round attention to fulfill their property requirements accurately.

A Property Search service is dedicated to specialty monitoring of the market daily, enabling properties to be identified and filtered ahead of the competition, saving the buyer time, money and wasted journeys viewing properties that sound ideal on paper but ultimately result in disappointment.